About MUDP

Mirsharai Upazila is the place of Natural Beauty. Mirsharai is considered an attractive place for tourist due to the scenic Khaiyachara and Boalia falls, Mahamaya lake and the vast sea. The local charas originated from the fountains are under threat due to the lack of proper coordinated planning. As a result, man-made disasters like: Flash flood occur due to the flow from hills. Moreover the largest economic zone in Bangladesh "Mirsharai Special Economic Zone" is situated in Mirsharai Upazila. This has led to the creation of employment of huge no of people. The construction of houses, schools, colleges and other physical and social infrastructure of this large number of people will create huge pressure on agriculture. On the other hand, Mirsharai Upazila is located in the area prone to earthquake.

In overall consideration, the project titled "Mirsharai Upazila Development Project" (MUDP) will be helpful in reducing unemployment and poverty problems and socio-economic development by creating employment opportunities through protecting agricultural land and building of industrial and tourism based city. The project will ensure disaster tolerable planned land use.